At first we have to describe this architecture. You can try it if you have to host a few sites for a test environment or for development environment. Also you can use it for small business as collaboration tool with limited number of activities in web.

For this installation we need to create a virtual machine in Azure with at least 2 cores and 7 GB RAM

Let’s find out step by step this installation

Create Virtual Machine In Azure

You have to log in in Azure portal with your credentials and you must have an active subscription


Press the button at the top  +



Choose Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter as the example in image below




After that you have to complete all the boxes. The name ,the type of disk ,the username and the password for admin account ,choose the active subscription and at the end create a new resource with the name that you want to give for your project.



Next step choose a size for your virtual machine



Next step you must configure optional settings (use defaults)




Now you need to wait for the validation pass and if it is ok you can press ok




Then you have to wait until Azure create your virtual machine




When Azure complete the deployment of your server you can access your server if you press the button connect

As you can see in this image you have more information for your virtual machine also from the Azure console you can make changes ( for example you can change the size of your Server)